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Viktor Benev / 48 Hours Varusha South Festival / with Oft Robin

photo © Boryana Pandova


Five Dreams is Viktor Benev's fourth studio work, drawing on influences from cinema, literature and games and leading the auditory on a sonic voyage in multiple universes :

From the ghostly ambiance in Carlos Ruiz Zafon's book September Lights, which inspired The Haunted Manor, through the fictive, poetic world of Square Enix's Final Fantasy game series (cClouds and In the City of Broken Angels), the long-m├ętrage Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within, reflected in the more textural and ambient eponymous track, and up to Pixar's Robots or Amanita Design's Machinarium, which gave birth to the playful drum'n'bass track Robots in the Factory.

The album utilizes sound objects from various locations, which apart from adding up to the authentic character of each piece, carry an imprint of benev's personal sound-hunting travels, a trait, which can be considered as a signature in his works.

The electroacoustic scenery enveloping each composition has its own distinct character. Instruments with celestial timbers (tongue drum, music boxes, celestra) and piano are often there as protagonists melodically leading you on this journey, whereas drums, vibraphone, strings and wood winds that overlap with sound synthesis of electronic music elements, create rich textures that enhance the uniqueness of each composition. These elements seamlessly intermingle and complement each other laying the groundwork of the five cinematic soundscapes.

album cover © bilyana furnadzhieva