Viktor Benev is a percussionist and composer born in Sofia (Bulgaria) and living and working in Paris (France). Initiated in music by his mother, Lilyana Getova, he discovers the piano and the percussion at the age of six. His artistic activity hasn’t stopped since. He has been on the stages of 11 European countries touring with orchestras and chamber ensembles involved in jazz and contemporary classical music.
  His personal music unites the rhythmical diversity of jazz and rock and the language and creativity of free improvisation. His other influences are electronic music, musique concrète and the noise movement.
  Since 2011, he’s a member of the Youth Percussion Pool, ensemble for contemporary percussion music, coached by Tatiana Koleva.
  He has graduated the National Conservatory of Music of Paris (CNSMDP) with a Master's degree in jazz in 2017 and the National School of Music of Sofia with percussion in 2009.
  As a classical percussion student in the classes of Maria Palieva, Iskra Palieva and Emmanuel Sejourné he has won numerous prizes, some of which : two 1st and 2 special prizes at the International Competition for Percussion instruments Pendim (2001, 2007), 2nd prize at Young Musical Talents (2002), special prize at The Music and The Earth (1998).