Viktor Benev - Architextures (2022) - digital

Viktor Benev's 3rd solo album is to be placed somewhere on the thin line between pre-established structural forms and improvised material with all of its unexpected, inspiring moments.

Architextures is Benev's first solo album to follow his manifesto of music creation.

It includes field recordings from various locations in France and Sweden, acoustic instruments, vocals, sampling techniques, digital and analog synthesizer sounds.

"Architecture and music have a lot of common elements. To build, you need a solid base, on which you can add various pieces and decorations, but the whole thing has to stand together. For me, in music, it's the same process. The basis of a composition could be an intriguing harmonic progression (Beings From Another Dimension), a poly-rhythmical sequence (Pink And Dirty, Aera), strong melodic material (Chakra) or a visual diagram with an almost architectural quality of how sounds would appear in a stereophonic recording (Trails To Eternity, Aera). Without a clear structure and a good foundation, music is chaotic. Chaos is not something I'm striving to convey with my compositions. For me, music has to have a crystalline quality, which transcends the listener to a place that's safe and good. That's what we've been doing with Crystal sound project all these years. I can't help, but keep that general guideline for my own music."


"The sweep of Benev’s complex yet beautiful melodies is a wonder to behold."
"Benev’s constructions are always clever, but here again his melodic gifts are clearly evident."
"Highly recommended!"

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