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Crystal sound project / Night Festival / Ancient Roman Theater of Plovdiv

photo © Lina Krivoshieva

Marcel Gbeffa & Sarah Trouche – Didę
Contemporary Dance

Didę is a piece inspired by the Gélèdé tradition whose ceremonies pay homage to the primordial mother, Iyà Nlà. The Gèlèdè would be the tribute to pay to the mystical powers of women, which must be protected and appeased in order to transform them into a beneficial power for society.

photo © Cie Multicorps & Cie Winter Story in the Wild Jungle

Josh Pitts – Ketleflower
Light & Sound Installation

Ketleflower is an immersive light and sound installation created with the intention of providing a breath of fresh air and cleansing – an oasis of calm – with a hint of whimsy.

Ketleflower consists of a 12ft sunflower sculpture with seeds of swirling, colorful waves of light and an ambient, atmospheric and ethereal soundtrack.

photo © Josh Pitts

Crystal Sound Project – Ground Control
Audio-Visual Performance

Ground Control is an audio-visual production led by Crystal sound project in collaboration with Axel Rigaud (modular synthesizers) and Petko Tanchev (video mapping).

photo © Lina Krivoshieva