Crystal sound project - Crystal sound (2018) - CD and digital

Crystal sound project combines sculpture and music.
Bilyana Furnadzhieva (artist), Viktor Benev (composer) and
Selma Savolainen (singer), activate sculptures made in porcelain.
The works in porcelain are objects with different capacities of specific sound resonance which is obtained by using various metal oxydes.
The oxydes are pure metallic particles which add unique timbers and sounds to the sculptures. All sounds in this album are produced by using those sculptures.

The project mixes traditional and contemporary music, electronics, spoken or whispered texts, different languages and unique sounds to invite the audience in a world of sound and an immersive and captivating visual space.

"I listened and listened to those sounds... This music reunites the civilizations."
Hélène Nguyen Thien Dao