Danse sauvage (2014)
Concert piece for solo marimba (5 oct)

Duration | 4'


“Bulgarian traditional dance music is largely based on uneven metrics. It’s our musical heritage and unique trait. Even though such examples can be found in other Balkan countries or in India, what differentiates bulgarian music is usually the tempo. Our dances and music are often, though not exclusively, in a fast tempo. On top of that we find some composed metrics, which become quite difficult to execute due to the quick change in counting.

For example : 7/8 + 11/8 ; 5/8 + 13/8, etc...

With this piece my intent was to explore different metrical combinations while keeping melody as the main compositional element. Thus, the piece should be played rhythmically correct, with strength and energy, but one should always keep in mind that in bulgarian folklore sorrow and melancholy are always present.”
Viktor Benev
august 2014