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since 2018, viktor benev has been actively involved in creating music for modern jazz and contemporary dance.

he's accompanying classes on a regular basis in a number of institutions in the paris region and namely the regional conservatory of boulogne billancourt, the conservatories maurice ravel and darius milhaud.

during the last five years, he has steadily built a reputation for his multi-instrumental and improvisational skills in the service of the dance art form and has worked with peter goss, manuèle robert, yorick grand, marion ballester, isabelle pipard, julien desplantez, isabelle pierre-jacquemin, magali verin, vanessa mauban, patricia karagozian and others.

in 2020, benev was commissioned to compose the music for didę, an original choreographic piece jointly written by the beninese choreographer marcel gbeffa and the french visual artist sarah trouche.

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