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Oft Robin (formerly known as Via Mavis) is a Bulgarian jazz trio, established in 2019, consisting of Evden Dimitrov (bass guitar), Martin Hafizi (drums) and Viktor Benev (MalletKAT, electronics). Its music spans across multiple genres including nu-jazz, neo-classical, progressive rock, traditional Bulgarian music and electronica.

Revolving around the mixture of electronic and acoustic sounds, the band is using jazz and free improvisation as a common language, through which to converse and transform any written material into a more organic entity.

Since its creation Oft Robin has toured multiple times in Bulgaria and Austria. In 2019, it was invited by the Bulgarian National Radio to perform its original music, arranged by benev, with the BNR Big Band.

Oft Robin was also selected by the European Jazz Network organisation to represent Bulgaria on the annual European Jazz Showcase, which took place in Sofia in 2022.

The trio released its first album Aerial Perspectives for enovae records in 2021. The album features Victoria Kirilova on double bass, whose place in the trio is now occupied by Evden Dimitrov.

Oft Robin will be touring in Europe in spring and summer 2023.

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“Intriguing, contemporary original music that builds its own language and sonority. The young musicians do not take the path of the interpreter, looking for dividends from what was created before them, but, like true creators, strive to envision and construct their own path in music.”

Antoni Donchev, jazz pianist and conductor of the Bulgarian National Radio Big Band

“The compositions of the trio both provoke the imagination and create an atmosphere with colors and sounds. Their ideas are daring, sincere and charming.”

ivan notev, journalist from the Bulgarian National Radio

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