You can consider Patreon as my private workplace. It's where I share a lot of diverse material through video, covering monthly performances, practice tools, Ableton break-downs, audio downloads, etc.

It's a brewery of music-related information, the ingredients of which, come from my 24 years-long experience of learning and playing music.

Patreon is a monthly paid service. You can choose your subscription option depending on what you're looking for. There are 3 options. Each gives you access to different content adapted to your interests.

Before you think "It's expensive", consider this - an hour-long private lesson averagely costs 60€. On my Patreon page you'll find videos that could give you working material for many months ahead and you can ask me anything that interests you. I'll do my best to answer everyone. It's up to you to decide which is the bargain that better suits your needs.

Also, the more you stay the more content will be available for you.

I make practice tools are for all instrumentalists (even vocalists sometimes). I consider them a way to become an all-round good musician, whichever genre you'd like to work in. The main topics are theory, technique and improvisation. I often speak about technology and how it could help you in your daily practice. Everything is centered on your creativity and your own voice. I don't want to make copies of myself, I share general tools, which are to be adapted to your needs.

I also record myself playing every month and share up-to-date information about my current projects.

If you don't want to pay, I can also understand. Occasionally, I'll be sharing some of the best material I have on Patreon on my YouTube channel, but then again, it's going to be much less consistent and less direct than if you join the community on Patreon. So to say, here you'll be treated with special care.

Then, please go to my Patreon below (by clicking on the banner) and delve in !