– 6th of may 2020 –

Spitfire audio, a British sampling company, whose sounds I've been using for a couple of years has launched a re-scoring competition.

I really enjoyed the first two seasons of Westworld. I found that the story was captivating, the images, the sounds - greatly underlining the uneasy feeling the whole series create and what's more, I'm a huge fan of Anthony Hopkins so I couldn't miss it. His playing is brilliant as always.

Having the privilege of re-writing the music for the chase scene in episode 5, season 3 is an overwhelmingly joyful opportunity and I'd like to express my thanks to the Spitfire team for organising it and to HBO for granting us, composers, the rights to meddle with the music.

I haven't got many opportunities to write music for pictures, apart from scoring a court-metrage when I was still in the Paris Conservatory. I've always wanted to do it though and this competition has granted me a good chance. I must say I enjoyed the process quite a lot and would surely love to be involved in projects like this in the future.

The sound design was made using virtual synthesizers including my favourites TAL noise maker, Arturia's Mini Moog emulation and some sound sampling, as well as Rhodes sounds and a few Spitfire Audio instruments.

You can watch the chase scene with my music below. I hope it captures and enhances the feeling the series enact.