– 25th of June 2022 –

With the modern music industry, we've reached a place where production time becomes of major importance.

I've seen numerous examples in the last few years of artists working on time basis to produce "in a day", "in a week", "in X minutes". There are a great deal of YouTube channels purposedly centered around that too. While this might or not be a good practice to work on concentration and artistic decisions, I feel somewhat saddened that timeframe slowly becomes a sufficient artistic direction for composing new works.

I'm well aware that great ideas do come spontaniously and sometimes a few hours might be enough to outline a, whats to become, great work. What bothers me does not lie in that. It is the fact that forcing yourself to work in a rather short fixed timeframe becomes an artistic direction, which is solely based on content creation strategies. Or spoken otherwise, on marketing driven production. You HAVE to create every day, you HAVE to release X albums, you HAVE to... You get the point.

Keeping in mind that at the time of writing this, averagely 60,000 tracks are released on streaming platforms every day, production time and competitiveness are obviously forced to go hand in hand. And there lies my main concern.

Why do we allow an influence created by a business model (streaming), which certainly turned the music industry upside down, change our practices ? Why do we turn away from quality and thoroughly meditated composition ? Why do we submit ourselves to the business, when the business itself relies on us ?

After all, art is sharing something of value with the world. Something to make people stop and listen. Make them ask themselves questions. If you've put a few hours into creation, did you, as an artist even have the time to ask yourself questions like "why" and "what's the meaning" ?

So the old question arises again - "quantity over quality" or vice versa ?